What Is your favorite Halloween Themed game?

Posted by Ongames247 on May - 30 - 2019

It’s hard to believe but October is already here. With the holidays ready to gear up, we’re putting together a list of truly spooktacular titles that will take your Halloween party to the bonus level.

At the top of the list, has to be Ms Pac-Man. It’s one of the most iconic games ever made. Since We started renting games at All You Can Arcade, it’s finished in our top 5 most rented games, every single year. I think that it’s the simplicity of the game that makes it so compelling, but having ghosts chase you around a maze is what makes it so appropriate for the spookiest of all holidays.

Next on the Halloween list has to be zombie related because well zombies . . . Of all the games in the zombie genre House of the dead has to be the best. You vs them with only a light gun to save you. Unlike the more family friendly games this one is meant to scare you. First person shooter games are becoming increasingly rare. This makes for a special treat when friends come over.

Another title that is a great fit is Ghosts and Globins. You must fight your way through a haunted graveyard collecting magic and power ups. It’s a slashingly good time that rewards timing over button mashing. I’ve never made it to the end of this one, but never tire or trying.

For the best parties you need lots of friends which means that you have to have something that accomodates four players at a time. For a magical adventure through damp and dark dungeons, one only needs to turn to Gauntlet for your night. Whether you want to play as an Elf or a magician, there is a little something for everyone in this one.

My favorite thing about Carnevil isn’t that it’s a perfect horror game for Halloween, but rather that it contains a Christmas level that makes it perfect for the entire season. You must face killer clowns, out of control amusement rides and all kinds of creepy bugs to come out on top. Watch out for evil Santa though, he’s on the naughty list for sure.

I’m sure that I’m leaving a thousand games off. What Halloween themed games do you want your trick or treaters to play?

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