Earlier this month, we were informed that Coca-Cola & Netflix were joining forces to do a pop-up arcade in Shoreditch, UK to promote the freshly launched season 3 of the hit show Stranger Things. Fortunately, this news came in enough advance that some of you great readers had a chance to visit the venue and check it out.

As I am not based in the UK, a few of you served as my proxy. My thanks to Kevin Williams, Toby Na Nakhorn and Victoria Page for the info below!

I’ll sum up Kevin’s thoughts on the event here, by some points he passed along to me. As the press release suggested in the original post about this, the event was mainly handled by Coca-Cola, as “New Coke” had been launched in the timeframe that Season 3 of Stranger Things takes place. That said, it was a “great publicity vehicle for both brands,” generating a strong interest from a young audience, particularly among women (“who says girls don’t like retro!” Kevin stated). Check out the lines; site friend Toby N. mentioned that most people were there for Stranger Things and not the arcade, but that’s expected.

Kevin also noted that the “retro-inspired” hardware continues to show strength, although it was “a shame to see so many MAME cabs next to the classics,” but is understandable given the circumstances. There was also a hidden location that was a fun aspect of the whole thing, although they had some hollowed out original Space Invaders and Gorf cabinets that were operating as props with lighting instead of games is tough for any collector to see (find them in the slide show below). Perhaps they were already lost cause cabinets, so that use was better than the dumpster. 😛 Overall, it had Kevin thinking about proposing a retro-arcade concept, although he didn’t get into detail about that for now. I’m thinking we need to get Brian F. Colin in on a Deathstalker spiritual sequel for Stranger Things.


Also thanks to Victoria for sending along a couple of photos of the arcade area!

My thanks again to everyone who sent me info and media on the event, along with a thanks to Coca-Cola UK for providing the initial heads-up in the first place.

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