While I do not need to detail the circumstances that have brought ours and many other industries to a halt, it has meant that it’s been a terrible time for launching a new game. Every spring sees a number of arcade releases, so the pandemic shutdown has meant that several games have had their launches put on hold.

One of those titles that was in the process of shipping was the latest version of Play Mechanix’s Big Buck Reloaded. A number of update kits for existing commercial versions of Big Buck Wild had already been sent out an installed to locations, but the process was disrupted (my location did not receive it, and last time I checked the mail there wasn’t anything; although I don’t know what would happen with anything listed as “undeliverable” – I imagine they’ll try again when things begin to re-open).

I did get a chance to play Big Buck Reloaded at Amusement Expo 2020, but I decided not to film it too much, since I thought I might have the kit in hand (and at that precise time, we didn’t realize that everywhere would be getting closed within the next couple of weeks). Since that hasn’t panned out yet, and most are unable to check the game out, I contacted Play Mechanix and they kindly provided a cache of direct screenshots from the game that I will share with you here. I’m using sliders, but you can click on any image to get a larger view.

Big Buck Reloaded – Main Game

The game comes with a sharp new UI, here are some shots:

Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission

Big Buck Reloaded comes with a bigger variety of games than just buck hunting – Big Buck Wild already came with a few different games like Doe of the Dead and Duck Dynasty, and Reloaded ups the ante with even more. I filmed the return of Terminator Salvation at IAAPA 2019, and here are some screenshots. The revision of the 2010 arcade title has been modified to offer around 20 minutes of gameplay, along with some gameplay changes to fit with using a pump shotgun and enhancing the graphics (increasing the resolution from 720p to 1080p, improving textures and updating the lighting engine). Here are a few shots:

Zombie Deer Adventure

Another new game is something that I have wanted to see since Big Buck Safari first offered online play – a complete hunt of Zombie Deer. They’ve put a bit into this to give it some personality, including having a zombie girl trail guide. This one is a bit of a challenge, as you can only take these ones out with a headshot; You can play with either  the gun or a bow. There are more screenshots of this mode than any other.

There is also the Monsters of Lost Island, a sequel to Doe of the Dead.

Big Buck Reloaded is technically out now, although it is hard to say when things will re-open to the point where you will be able to go out and play it. Hopefully by May. What do you think about the new Big Buck?

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