Tomorrow at 9AM EST, UNIS will begin their Showcase 2020 Event (it’s free and there are still spaces to sign-up if you’re interested in watching – they also recommend Chrome browsers for viewing). While good portions of the event will be focused on games for arcades and FECs, there is a consumer side to it that will interest gamers at home. One of the games has already been announced, a video basketball hybrid, and today UNIS posted this trailer for the Atari Mini PONG Jr.:

“What does UNIS have to do with Atari?” you might be asking if you’re new around here. UNIS has been the worldwide manufacturer and representative of the Atari PONG Table units that have found their way into various arcade locations around the world. I’ve covered them several times from trade show appearances, the most recent was the 4-player PONG Knockout, which has been delayed due to the pandemic. Since UNIS already has the experience needed here, they are taking the lead on these new home units, which in a way are callbacks to the old Atari PONG dedicated units that the original Atari company had launched through Sears back in 1975.

Granted, this device is not a miniature electromechanical game like the Atari PONG Table units are, but a portable, digital game, that has similar game settings as the PONG Table units have.  UNIS will be giving one away during their Showcase, and these will be ready in time for the holiday shopping season.

It’s also worth noting that UNIS plans on demonstrating their specialized, exer-gaming focused home game console at the Showcase 2020 event, which you can read more about here; You can catch the consumer part of the show from 2:30-3:30pm EST.

What do you think about this, want to grab one for yourself? I could also see arcades grabbing these to put into merchandisers.

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