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One game that really stood out at IAAPA 2019, was the Western arrival of Taito’s airsoft gun target shooting game, then known as Gun Arena (soon renamed to OnPoint). This primarily stood out for it’s use of real airsoft pistols that fired a pellet/BB at the screen, which was then recollected by the game, assuming said BB didn’t ricochet off.

While this game did draw attention for the use of this technology, not everyone was convinced that the safety system, which is made to deactivate the firing mechanism if the gun isn’t pointing at the screen, would be 100% fail proof. Between that, a high price tag, and really bad timing on the release (the game was supposed to launch in March/April 2020), it doesn’t seem like OnPoint has really been picked up by many locations out there.

What if you were to remove the airsoft/BB pellet firing feature and keep the rest of the game intact though? That’s what a distributor out of the UK has asked, and is now bringing to the market there with the generically named Skill Shooter. Designed by Electrocoin in conjunction with Taito (the two companies have a strong relationship going back many years), this maintains the same software of the original, and even keeps the basic design of the gun intact with a hefty looking pistol and strong recoil – but no BBs or safety system required.

Well, let me say that I think there might be some changes to the software too – I don’t recall seeing a fruit rolling stage and the bottle/can stages also had different backgrounds in the version that UNIS had. This also mentions that it can operate as a straight video game, ticket redemption game or there’s a prize vending feature.

While there may be an issue with this exact version being sold over here due to the agreement that UNIS and Taito have for US sales, I wouldn’t be surprised if we might see something similar pop-up here down the road, in case UNIS wanted to give the game another try. Then again, they could be moving on already with Elevator Action Invasion (which seems to just be a D&B exclusive at this point) or something else entirely.

What do you think about this variation on the OnPoint concept?

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