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Posted by Ongames247 on April - 1 - 2022

Apart from games like Minecraft and Fortnite, one title I’ve seen popular with the kids is Among Us. I’ve not played it myself (I’ve been busy with Elden Ring lately, so I’m not completely out of the gaming loop :P), but my kids have here and there, particularly when they have friends over to play.

Well now this super recognizable, multi-million dollar IP is headed to arcades thanks to Innersloth Games and exA-Arcadia with Among Us Arena. While details are still a little scant, as is often the case with teasers for new exA titles, we do have a few things to chew on. First is the game cab. Note that 2-player games work fine on the 4-player edition:

The totally real and certainly not an April Fools joke, Among Us Arena on exA-Arcadia

Apart from that, I was also sent these gameplay features; This take on it is as a 1v1 fighting game, adapted for the needs of the arcade business in its balancing:

-15+ crewmates duke it out, each with their own unique different movesets

-Exclusive stages, fighters, and content will incentivize players to play

-Offers E-Sports potential that will drive week by week sales and new repeat customers

-Adjustable violence settings help this game accommodate any location

-In a large FEC complex in Texas, exA-Arcadia’s product was ranked as the top traditional video arcade fighting game in a location with over 250+ games!

We’ll have to wait to find out more but until then, what do you think? If you own an exA, is this a title you would grab for it? If you are a player, is this a game you would play if you came across it?

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