Last month, exA-Arcadia unveiled some new shoot ’em up titles that were headed to the platform but they were shown on a stream. Today, the company posted several new game pages to their site (covering more than the two titles mentioned in the headline), and on two of those pages are some teasers.

First let’s link to the new pages, for anyone curious:

Also of note, expect to hear some more news about Samurai Shodown V Perfect later this week, which I’ll be posting about once public.

For the two new trailers, I tried capturing what I could from the stream but it was imperfect; If you have been wanting to see some official footage of the two latter games on the list, well here you go:

No release date apart from 2022 has been revealed for these games yet, although I believe that this Summer should be a busy time for new exA releases.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming shmups?

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