The battle of the arcade racers continues to heat up and at this IAAPA, it’ll be a doozy. There will be at least four new racing games appearing at the show, with more likely to show up as unannounced surprises. Here’s one that was revealed by LAI Games today, following reveals on two new redemption games earlier in the week (one based on the popular YouTube channel FGTeeV and the other being Rick and Morty).

On Asphalt 9 Legends, this marks the 3rd arcade model for the game, following the release of an SD and DX model at last year’s IAAPA show. To be fair, the VR model unveil isn’t a huge surprise, as IGS/Wahlap revealed it for Asian markets just a week after IAAPA last year. Still, for anyone who was looking forward to that, now it will be available everywhere else thanks to LAI’s involvement here. As far as I can tell, the cabinet hasn’t changed in any functional nor aesthetic sense; It also features a 43″ HD screen on the back so people waiting can see the action. It does not say what brand of VR headset it’s using, other than to mention it being a “premium” HMD. I did reach out to LAI for comment and will update accordingly.

The VR version of the game allows players to enjoy the game entirely from a first-person perspective, whether its in the Quick Races, Time Attack, Trial or in the new Hunted mode. Hunted puts the player on the run from “security,” much like events you would find in certain console games like GTA or Need For Speed: Most Wanted. I’m a little surprised the concept hasn’t really been done in arcades previously, although the flipside of that is Chase HQ, where you are the law instead of the one driving the getaway car.

If the overall concept to this looks familiar, that’s because it was developed by IGS, who got their feet wet with arcade racing VR with Overtake VR. A9VR doesn’t appear to have the virtual girlfriend in the passenger seat though.

No announcement on the release date has been made at this time, however, LAI will be taking orders at the show and I imagine shipments will begin taking place shortly afterwards. Stay tuned to the site and the AH video channel for more coverage on this title as I attend IAAPA and get a chance to play it.

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