Quickie post here but it’s now confirmed what else Raw Thrills has brought to the IAAPA 2022 tradeshow and is likely to be hitting the arcade market in the near future. A press release announced it but before I saw that in my email this morning, I saw them with my own eyes. 😛 I did not get a chance to play them yet but that will change today.

First off is a new version of Halo: Fireteam Raven, a shooter based upon the hit Halo franchise that landed in arcades back in 2018. We did see that RT was testing out a standard Halo cabinet earlier this year, however, this model is completely different, combining elements of the Super Deluxe 4-player cabinet with a cabinet more along the lines of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. While they just call this the new 4-player model, perhaps they could deem it something cooler/distinctive like the Assault Model or something…I’ll ask later today. Note that this render and the PR states that the release game will have an 85″ screen but the model they have at the show appears to be using something smaller (likely can be due a shipping issue – a lot of those have plagued the show thanks to hurricane Nicole):

Halo: Fireteam Raven arcade 4-player by Raw Thrills

The most surprising thing about it though are the guns – they are tethered to the game like a standard light-gun shooter but they are no longer using the Terminator Salvation gun molds. These are shaped to look just like the famous Assault Rifle from the series. Instead of hitting a clip to reload, you pump them, ala Big Buck Hunter:

Halo:Fireteam Raven assault rifle

I also noticed that they do have Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Series 2 there, which does include new levels as I had suspected from watching the updates months ago. I didn’t get a chance to play it yet though or snap a pic.

Next up is MotoGP VR. I did not get a chance to spend time looking at this yet to see how the graphics have been enhanced/remastered but here’s the line from the PR and a new pic. I’ll get more footage today:

The smash hit MotoGP makes a triumphant return to the arcade with a brand new full-tilt, full-throttle thrill ride! Remastered for an ultra-realistic, 360° VR experience, MotoGP VR features an authentic MotoGP motorcycle available in four colors, ten updated international circuits, 12 remodeled bikes and superstar riders like Fabio Quartararo, attractive LED lighting, a mounted wind simulator, and the option to link up to eight cabinets for competitive multiplayer races. A 43-inch display allows the game to be played with or without the powerful HP Reverb G2 VR Headset.

Last but not least it’s worth mentioning that RT has brought 4 Fast & Furious Arcade machines to the show. I was unable to get a chance to hop on and play it before they shut it off but everyone is already saying how impressive it looks. I’m also told a big operator has already purchased these off of the booth (staying in Florida after the show by my understanding):

Fast & Furious Arcade 4p setup at IAAPA 2022Stay tuned for much, much more!

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