At the AAA’24 Expo that just wrapped up, Chinese company and AH advertisers Wahlap had a strong presence with several new games getting a reveal. This included a new gun game, an AR game, a multiplayer joystick game that vends cards, and more. Unfortunately, there was a photo/video prohibition on some of the games, like Monster Eye 3. Thanks to their website getting several updates however, we have cabinet shots of these new Wahlap titles, so let’s take a look and analyze:

Monster Eye 3

Let’s start with one that was banned from photography – Monster Eye 3. It is no different than what was on the English flyer found on software developer IGS’ website by Ted (also below), but here it is in higher definition glory. The game is powered by Unreal Engine, while the guns appear to be modeled after chain guns (using blue LEDs for an animated effect). Also with the pyramids on the marquee, it appears to be set in Egypt and I assume that the game screenshot in the render here is of a level set on the Nile:

Monster Eye 3 by IGS/WahlapTed noticed it from another photo, but something also of minor note that you can see here is that IGS have subtly updated their logo for the first time ever (it was the same since the 90s until now):Monster Eye 3 by IGS & Wahlap

Kamen Rider – Transformation of Justice

The translation of the title there is loose, but it’s the best I can figure for now using a couple of online translators. This uses the popular Japanese IP, allowing users to become a “Masked Rider” thanks to the augmented reality tech being employed here. Stand in front of the screen and watch yourself become transformed into a Kamen Rider of your choice, then you battle it out with the bad guys. This uses a 65″ 4K screen and comes with a photo printer. Whether you care for the IP or not, this is a rad looking cabinet:

Kamen Rider Transformation of Justice arcade cabinet by IGS/Wahlap

Oga-Shi did send us a camera pic of this from the expo, but here’s the game’s flyer off that same IGS webpage (Chinese only unfortunately – which suggests something about its chances out West vs ME3):

Kingdoms Fantasy

Here’s Wahlap’s original hack ‘n slash that follows the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade model of 4-players, joysticks, and collectible cards. With the game’s page however, we learn some extra details. This has a 4K 65″ monitor, and as mentioned in the Wahlap post, it has almost 80 cards to collect. It does have an online component, taking it a step further than what Minecraft does by including a “WeChat/IC card login” for tracking your progress. It also mentions some “anti-counterfeit” measures, which might be in regards to your registered information with an online account, or for illegally made copies of the cards themselves.

Kingdoms Fantasy by Wahlap

One addition to the page that might be of interest was a promo. Since it wasn’t on YouTube (and likely won’t be presented for EN audiences), I took the liberty of adding it to the AH channel for the moment:

NFS Heat Takedown – Asia Version

We didn’t really mention this one in our AAA coverage, as it was not included in the media we received and not a new game proper as such to us, but it was on hand. Adrenaline’s NFS Heat Takedown is now landing in China, with an adjusted cabinet. Using a 49″ monitor, this one also has a wider LED matrix marquee than the display, and a different seat on the motion base:

NFS Heat Takedown Asia Version


That wraps it up for now. Which of these new Wahlap games would you hope to see make their way West? Monster Eye 3 looks the most likely of these, but never say never on some of the others turning up as imports…

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