Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix have just teased Super Star, a new basketball game that might be a new take on Midway’s classic megahit, NBA Jam today… but there’s not a whole lot to go on at the moment. Let’s check it out:

Super Star – The Tease

Here’s the new 18 second teaser of Super Star, released today by Raw Thrills on their social media channels:

Let’s examine this as best we can, first with a contrast enhanced screengrab. Doing that, we see a cabinet that fits with the general “shape” that Raw Thrills makes their cabinets with, then a 4-player control panel. I can only make out a single button to the joysticks. This does not appear to use cards:Super Star cabinet silhouette

Enhancing this one during the light zaps, we get a slightly better view of the CP:

NBA Superstars Raw Thrills

Now this is a surprise to me as it is to you, so I have no idea what else to expect here – however, I know that many guys at Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills are sports fans, and some of them were there at Midway during the development of NBA Jam. I would be shocked if this doesn’t come with an NBA license, so it may release as either NBA Superstar or just Super Stars. We’ll see…

Stay tuned to AH for more on this new Raw Thrills arcade game – I have been able to confirm that a full reveal of Super Star will be happening next week. I’ll share more once I have something.

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