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Posted by Ongames247 on May - 25 - 2024

A little over a year ago, certain North American rhythm game fans’ prayers were answered when out of nowhere, Taiko No Tatsujin by Bandai Namco Amusement appeared on surprise test at a Round1USA location. Today, we can say the same about another oft-requested arcade rhythm game out of Japan – this time, by Sega. Read on to find out more about the first USA location test of Maimai DX.

As a location test of a pre-existing game, we can expect few (if any) changes if it does become a more permanent fixture one day – but please do note that this single test does not guarantee it will see wider deployment in North America. Thanks to Ryte, KKtsuna, and Ted for passing on much of the photos and information here.

What’s Maimai?

Maimai is a series that should really need very little introduction if you have kept up to decent speed with arcades over the past decade. Even if you don’t recognize the name, it’s highly possible you know its distinctive cabinet from media as the “washing machine game” 😛 Upon its original release in Japan over ten years ago, the title became one of Sega’s first long-lasting hits in the arcade rhythm action arena, standing toe-to-toe with and even beating the Bemani efforts by Konami, as well as spawning the subsequent Chunithm and Ongeki series from the same development team.

Being such an eye-catching and popular game in its homeland, Maimai always seemed to be primed for at least some sort of official overseas release, with talk of this often recurring. It did expand to the likes of China and other Asian territories successfully, for a while. But a few US tests in 2016-17 at select Round1USA and Dave & Busters locations aside, that then never quite happened for any of the West. There’s been plenty of speculation as to how and why, whilst Konami’s rhythm games still came over to those chains – but what is clear that those US tests did not do well enough.

The series continued to endure elsewhere though, receiving a full cabinet and software relaunch in 2019 with Maimai DX, and another “international version” of this translated into English for most other countries in Asia soon after. Though seemingly unlikely to ever go further following the failed tests for the original game, that always left a slight door ajar for it… and so today, Maimai returns to testing in the US.

Maimai DX – The USA Test

Maimai DX has been placed on test by Round1USA at their Puente Hills Mall, CA branch beginning from today (though word did publicly get out about its arrival earlier, and privately some time beforehand). As R1’s first ever USA location and their flagship store there since 2010, it has of course previously hosted numerous tests for other games coming out of Japan, such as DDR 2014 and Tekken 7.Maimai DX, on test at Round1, Puente Hills Mall, CA.

The test is, naturally, for a USA build of the game’s aforementioned ‘international’ version. This means the cabinets are specifically on the Maimai DX Buddies revision, released September last year in Japan and January elsewhere in Asia (excepting China, where as seen at AAA 2024, Wahlap have just announced the version they represent of it for that territory). We can confirm that it is connected online for the test.Title screen of Maimai DX Buddies, on test at Round1, Puente Hills Mall, CA.

It has also been confirmed that this is indeed an official test organized in large part by Sega from Japan, and not a rogue import by R1USA. Despite what has been claimed by some, as per Ryte from R1 it is still a location test made to decide things. One thing that is not likely here is much involvement from Sega Amusements, regarding wider distribution. They have always been very wary of games out of Japan that require extra costs and hardships by relying heavily on network infrastructure and Asian licences – e.g. Initial D, and Maimai itself – so SAI most probably won’t have much to do with that this time.

There is past precedent for a situation like this, as well. Sega out of Japan did independently test and then distribute online Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade cabinets on an exclusive basis to R1USA, way back in 2013-14. That case additionally makes it appear that Maimai DX is to be another chain exclusive in the same way that Project DIVA Arcade and many other Japanese games are.

Which is, as always, disappointing for anyone who would want a wider release. But it shouldn’t be surprising, as logistically (music licensing, online costs, etcetera) there is still lots stacked against these titles officially finding their way out West, no matter the desire among fans. Taiko No Tatsujin taking so long to get out there despite being successfully tested at R1 (where it is also looking likely to be exclusive to) well over a year ago now should be proof of that. Considering this, it would not be surprising if Maimai takes a similar long route even whilst locked to R1; we’ll just have to wait and see though.

In any case, what do you think of this test for Maimai DX? Would you like to see the game at a Round1USA location near you soon, if you have one?

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