Arcade operators and bar owners are always on the lookout for games that are affordable and earn great. Incredible Technologies has long been happy to fill that demand, usually with the likes of Golden Tee, but more recently a compilation piece they call Arcade Collection. Now, Arcade Collection has added the LIVE online features that Incredible Technologies employs, so let’s see what that is all about.

Arcade Collection LIVE

Arcade Collection itself is a package of three IT hits: Target Toss Pro, Power Putt Golf, and Silver Strike Bowling. Released back in 2022, the game has been a strong earner, showing up in the top five of Replay Magazine’s Player’s Choice poll (in the June 2024 issue, it’s 4th place, right ahead of Raw Thrills’ TMNT and behind their Injustice Arcade).

The LIVE version launched on Monday and adds connectivity to the system via IT’s new Score IT software – although it should be noted that the new features only apply to Silver Strike Bowling and not the other two games. Essentially, Arcade Collection LIVE is Silver Strike LIVE with the other two games as very nice additions. The new modes include Prize Play, Roll-N-Win, Vegas Bowling, “and more”. As of this writing, IT hasn’t updated their website to reflect this release, nor detail what more it adds.

While you’ll have to check with your preferred IT distributor on price, the update is available as a conversion kit or dedicated cabinet.

If you have an Arcade Collection already, how has the game performed for you and does this entice you to upgrade?

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